Wim Devos

Passionate software architect

About Me

Hello! I’m Wim Devos.

Passionate software architect and fervent maker.
Learning everything that crosses my path.
Fascinated with software development, DevOps, embedded systems, electronics, IoT, home automation,...
Active in Coderdojo, open source projects, and eager to help others.
I love creating things, usefull or just for fun.


Torhout, West-Flanders, Belgium


C# / .net (Framework & Core)
Powershell (Desktop & Core)
SQL Server / T-SQL / PowerBI
Internetworking / Firewalls / DNS
ASP.net / Razor Pages / Blazor (Server & WASM)
AD / AppService / SQL / VM / WVD / Host pools / VNet / Storage
Linux Debian/Ubuntu (NGINX, Kestrel, PostFix, Dovecot)
DigitalOcean (DNS, Droplets, Networking, Storage)
Amazon AWS (IAM, S3/Glacier, SES, Rekognition)
PHP / Wordpress / Magento

A few of my passions

Libraries, APIs, stacks, platforms

Software development & architecture

Building software applications with a lot of libraries, APIs, stacks and platforms. Currently focussing on .net & C# using Razor and Blazor (Server & WebAssembly).
Click here for a detailed overview of technologies I've worked with.

Showcase IoT project


An open automated solution to monitor the level of your water tank or water well, and to get notifications when low/high thresholds are reached.
Visit WaterAlarm.be and have a look at the Live Demo.

Showcase website in Microsoft ASP.NET Razor pages


Fully automated service to gather information from various APIs. Used as showcase project to implement proof-of-concepts such as DDD, OAuth2 authentication, HttpClient, WebApi, Razor, load-balancing, request throtling, caching, ... Completely based on Microsoft technology, but developed, built and deployed on Linux.
Visit FilmOpTv.be.

Self-hosted Home Assistant & Zabbix deployments

Internet of Things

Various projects built on Arduino & Raspberry Pi, and off-the-shelf hardware. Communication using LORA, Zigbee, MQTT, ... Integrating with platforms & APIs from Tuya, NetAtmo, Xiaomi, ...

Above all be cool!

Coderdojo & Youth education

Inspire children and young-adults by teaching them the amazing things that can be built with Lego Mindstorms/Spike, Arduino, Microbit, Python and Scratch.


Telecom experience

Experience in building voice applications in various protocols and telecom tools.
Click here for a detailed overview.

Work Experience

Software developer / Team Lead at Organimmo / Dataplan / On IT!, Zedelgem
Sep, 2017 - Present
  • Cloud migrations on-premises & private cloud to Azure
    • SQL Servers to Azure SQL
    • RDS servers to Azure Host pools
    • Backend servers to Azure VMs
    • Webservers & API servers to Azure AppServices
    • File servers to Azure Storage
    • Source control server
Software Developer / Team Lead at MyForce, Merelbeke
Sep, 2014 - Sep, 2017
  • Maturation the software development process, throughout the organization
    • migration from SubVersion to GIT
    • implemented continuous build & automated testing
    • unified different build scenarios
    • modularized internal & external dependencies
    • advocated for using new technologies and existing libraries instead of (re)writing own code
    • organized smaller rolling releases on fixed intervals instead of big ones with big delays
    • enforced specifications & roadmap
  • Implemented several technical proof-of-concepts involving Voice-Biometry (Phonexia Brno)
  • Ported a Windows service (C++) to CentOS, and integrated in continuous integration
  • Team-leader of the development/testing team (7 people).
Software Engineer / Team Leader Development at Meucci Solutions / SIGOS (currently Mobileum), Gent
Mar, 2012 - Sep, 2014
  • Extending the Meucci-platform, which has probes all over the world (80 countries), used for Fraud Detection, Revenue Assurance, CLI monitoring, Voice Quality testing and IREG-testing.
  • Implementation of LTE/E-UTRAN data tests, SIM Toolkit (STK) and Dual-IMSI testing.
  • Implementation of an ASN.1 CDR decoder for Huawei MSC100 and Ericsson AXE CDR files (TAP), used to extrapolate fraud cases, handling millions of CDRs a day.
  • Migration of the Meucci-platform to the Sigos-platform.
  • "Upgrading" the development, by using more sofisticated continuous build & testing, migration from Subversion to GIT, ...
  • Team-leader of a small development team (5 developers).
Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader Telecom Development at Artilium (currently Pareteum), Brugge/Loppem
Sep, 2002 - Mar, 2012
  • Development of a (Mobile) Virtual Network Enabled telecom platform, controlling fixed and mobile telephone connections using various Intelligent Networking (IN) protocols.
  • From-scratch implementation of a SIP "back-to-back user agent" (B2BUA) call controller for IMS, including support for all existing IN-features such as mid-call announcements, callback (3PCC), color ring-back tones (CRBT) and prepaid call handling. The SIP call controller allowed routing of telephone calls using a softswitch with SIP signalling only (eliminating the additional cost and latency of media tromboning).
  • Teamleader of the telecom development team (ranging from 6 to 10 people): Planning, motivating and being part of the team, responsible for adapting the MVNE platform to the customer's requirements.
  • Lead Developer and Release Management of the telecom software “Arta/VoiceLink”, the real-time controller of voice, SMS, MMS and GPRS traffic. Transition towards a more professional release management with automated builds, automated integration tests, automated release notes generation, ...
Software Engineer at ITopia, Kortrijk / Aquanta Networks, Loppem
Jan, 2001 - Sep, 2002
  • Design and development of a new telecom platform, on which several voice applications were built. The most important being “Calligator”, a Unified Communication service similar to Google Voice, including TTS and ASR technology.
  • Team leader of a small development team (+/- 4 people).
  • Support & maintenance of the telecom platform in cooperation with network operators, carriers, resellers and end-users.
R&D Engineer at Softamed / IP GlobalNet (currently WEngage), Torhout / Brugge
Jul, 1999 - Jan, 2001
  • Extending the “VoiceLink” telecom platform with additional features and telecom interfaces.
  • Developing applications for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Calling cards, Call centers, Mid-Call announcements, Least-Cost Routing (LCR), ...
  • Implementing algorithms for (reverse) cost calculation of multi-user prepaid cards.


Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) from Microsoft
Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) from Microsoft
Building REST Services with ASP.NET Web API from U2U
Azure SQL Server introduction from Microsoft / Pieter Vanhove
SQL Server Days from Microsoft / Kohera / Belgian SQL Server User Group, Schelle


Microsoft Certified Professional - Visual Studio 2005 (C#) from Microsoft / Guidance
Microsoft Certified Professional - Visual C++ 6 from Microsoft / Guidance
4 years Civil Engineering - Computer Sciences, Bachelor and 2 years Master at University Gent
1994 - 1999